What is Rogue?

Rogue Running is a locally-owned training organization, running specialty retailer and running travel business. As the premier training group in Austin since 2004, we train over 3,000 athletes annually through 53 different programs and have been selected as the #1 Running Club in Texas four years in a row. Our retail store serves local athletes with an extremely knowledgeable staff of runners, custom shoe fits and a wide selection of the latest apparel, accessory and nutrition products.

Rogue's coaches, has been named one of the nations 'Top 10 Super-Coaches' by Runners World magazine, and we have been twice selected as the 'official training program' of the Austin Marathon. Rogue's mission is to create an authentic community of athletes, discovering running as a path to their physical, mental & spiritual potential.

Does Rogue offer only running programs?

Rogue offers more than fifty training programs each year and while road running is our primary focus, we also offer yoga, core strengthening, and trail running groups. Many programs are seasonal, so we encourage you to check the Find a Program page for a program that is ideal for you!

The majority of Rogue programs are 'event based' - training and preparing you for a specific event, such as the Austin Marathon/Half, the San Antonio Marathon/Half, Cap10K, Boston, etc, but you can also sign-up for our monthly groups that train year-round.

How much running experience do I need to participate in a Rogue program?

That depends on the program! Rogue offers a wide range of classes, set up for a wide range of ability levels. General guidelines include:

Couch-to-5K/10K: Rogue's beginner program open to anyone from those who have never run or to those who have taken time away from running and are looking to return.

Half Marathon training: Participants must be currently comfortable with a three mile long run.

Marathon training: Participants must be currently comfortable with a five mile long run.

Team Rogue (performance group): Participants must be currently comfortable with a ten mile long run.

Where do training groups meet?

We have two dedicated training centers in downtown Austin and Cedar Park. The downtown training center is located at 410 Pressler St just west of downtown Austin. The Cedar Park training center is located at  930 S. Bell Blvd, Suite 104, very close to the Brushy Creek Trail. 

While the majority of our groups meet at these two locations, we also offer convenient satellite locations throughout Austin during the week - north (at Anderson High School) and south in Circle C (at Dick Nichols Park). We encourage you to check individual programs for specific locations and times of training groups.

How often do groups meet for training?

Most Rogue training programs meet twice a week for group run workouts - Tuesday or Wednesday for the quality (speed work or hills) workout, and Saturday morning for the long run. The duration of workouts is dependent on program and will frequently increase as program progresses. Depending on the mileage covered, workouts will range between 50-90 minutes. Additionally, we offer two optional weekly core classes (Monday and Thursday at 6 pm), free for all members!
Team Rogue follows a somewhat different format with 3 group workouts per week (2 weekday quality workouts & Saturday long run). 

What equipment do I need for a training program?

Equipment depends largely on the program and season. For running programs, participants will need, at a minimum, running shoes, socks, shorts and a tech tee. All runners should be properly fitted for their shoes at the beginning of the program, which our retail staff can help you with.

Who will be coaching me?

All Rogue programs are conducted by experienced and certified coaches. We encourage you to visit the 'Bios' page for more information on each one and their individual philosophies.

What is included with my training program?

We provide a 7-day-per-week running schedule for the entire class (including every run you need to race at your best), access to our core strength class, plus your small-group weekday speed workout led by a dedicated coach and Saturday morning long runs on a fully-supported course.

Do I need to attend every workout? Do training groups meet when it's raining?

Attendance is encouraged at every workout, but not mandatory. Remember that consistency is key to any training program! We do ask that you communicate with your coach when you are unable to attend workouts.
Workouts take place in all weather, with the exception of lightening or extremely hazardous conditions (ie icy roads). Your coach will make the decision to continue or cancel at the start  of a workout, though conditions are rarely severe enough in Austin to warrant a cancellation. 

Are walk breaks acceptable in a training program?

Generally yes, if this is what works for you. However, we encourage athletes to work with their coach to develop a plan to phase out walk breaks as the training progresses.

What happens if I get injured?

While we do all we can to properly educate and prepare our runners to train injury-free, injuries do happen. Between the knowledge of our coaches and an extensive network of trusted sports practitioners, most injuries can be resolved relatively quickly. This of course requires the athlete to communicate with the coach about any issues as soon as they arise! In the event that an athlete cannot complete a training program due to prolonged injury, we would recommend stopping your monthly membership until you are able to rejoin your group which you can do on your own online. You will need to sign up again to rejoin when you are ready. If you have questions on how to do this or coming back, please email Carolyn@roguerunning.com for Austin groups or Jen@roguerunning.com for Cedar Park groups.

Is there a cost for training programs? How do I sign-up?

Yes, there is a cost for training. We charge a monthly fee that varies based on the program and how many days per week you will be meeting your group for coached workouts. You can register for a training program by simply clicking on the 'sign up now' button next to your desired program.

What if I have more questions?