This 12-week program is for the foodies who like to run!  The group will meet in a different place every Tuesday night at 6 pm, running 12 different routes created by Coach Phil Carmical (aka Panther). Each route will be paired with a unique food and drink venue picking some trendy and buzzy places, sometimes picking classic Austin institutions, but always going somewhere with great food and drinks. Run and eat well every week!  This program starts June 6th and ends August 26th, a perfect way to get in your summer base running!

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Every Tuesday, we’ll meet at the venue of choice and run the route from there.  When we get back from the run, everyone is encouraged to change into a fresh set of clothes and then stay for food and drinks.  Our venues will mostly be central, but there will be one or two south of the river and one or two north of 51st Street.  On days that we meet further away from central Austin, there will be alternative start times of 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM.  This program is open to all runners of all levels, from the sub-3-hour marathoner to the beginner who just wants to train for a 5k, to runners to just want to stay in running shape and learn about some interesting new restaurants. 

We will go to 12 different places, including places like Nasha, Michi Ramen, Three Little Pigs, and Taco Flats.  We’ll also include some traditional “old school” Austin places, like Blackstar Co-Op, the Whip-In, and Patrizi’s. 

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This program takes advantage of everything that Austin, Texas has to offer.  We will meet in a different place every single Tuesday night, running 12 different, special routes created by Coach Panther from 13 years of running every inch of our city streets.  Some Tuesdays will be hills, while others will be speedwork, always crafted with a view toward a quality running experience.

Program Details:

Start date: June 6th

End Date:  August 26th

Meets:   Tuesdays 6pm and Saturdays 6am

Price$204 / 12 weeks