Running Rogue co-hosts Steve Sisson and Chris McClung will be leading a training program from December 3rd through May 6th for those interested in training virtually with them for Spring Marathons including the Boston Marathon. The program will be based on the principles discussed in the podcast and incorporate both the physical and mental training elements needed to help you run your first marathon or earn a personal best.

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  1. Training macrocycle. We will have 3 levels of the program for first-timers and then intermediate and advanced marathoners, which will provide the day-to-day training schedule for you to follow on this marathon journey including easy runs, workouts, and long runs.
  2. Weekly training podcast. This podcast will be for members of this training program only. It will be in addition to our weekly Running Rogue podcast and include an overview of each training week + weekly workouts, training insights and tips for the week, and answers to questions from the group as they come.
  3. Tips on race strategy and tactics. For marathons in the race window including the Boston and Vancouver marathons, we will give extra race tips on pacing and course strategy and invite group members to join our annual pre-race talk to Rogues in Boston on Boston Marathon weekend.
  4. Private Facebook group. Members of the program will receive access to a private Facebook group where they can interact with Steve and Chris, ask questions, meet fellow members of the group, and share success stories or challenges along the journey.

Note: To take full advantage of the group, we suggest that you join before December 31st and already be running at least 18 to 20 miles per week.


  • Starts: December 3rd (accepting new members through December 31st)
  • Ends: May 6th with a recommended target race window of April 14th to May 6th
  • Price: $200 one-time fee (the $150 rate for the first 20 members is now SOLD OUT)

For more information, listen to episode #50 of the Running Rogue podcast (starting 1 hour and 56 minutes into the episode) or send us an email at