“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

- Mike Tyson

Welcome to the Agile way

Our agile training methodology sets us apart by advocating adaptive planning, evolutionary development, data-driven decision making, and encouraging rapid and flexible response to change. Here’s a snapshot of how the process works:



Initial Coach’s Consultation

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Develop High Level Roadmap

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Incremental Planning

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Lengthy training plans are over prescriptive and counter-productive. We’ve seen them fail relentlessly. Just think about Tyson’s words. The most successful training plan is incremental, adaptive, and evolutionary. Based on qualitative and quantitative feedback, a successful plan evolves with your training cycle, learning and adapting as your mind and body respond to training stimulus and your environmental context (so that you can respond when you get punched in the mouth!). Adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and continual improvement are core to the agile methodology.

We have only one membership level - the best run coaching we can possibly offer. If your coach isn’t fully invested in your running goals and outcomes, then what’s the point? We’re not selling mediocre success at one price point, a higher probability of success at another price point, and then the best chance of success at the highest price point. If we are coaching you, we are putting it all on the line with you, lockstep.

We don’t haggle over how often a coach and athlete can communicate. Frequent and open communication is fundamental in the agile methodology. The success of an adaptive planning process relies on frequent and open communication and frequent and open communication is pivotal for rapid and flexible response to change.

We don’t haggle over how often we adjust your plan. That would be silly! It would undermine our ability to use adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and encourage rapid and flexible response to change.

We don’t care about certifications or gimmicks. We care about results. And our results speak for themselves.

We nurture an ecosystem of services to support optimal human performance. In other words, we help athletes level up through value add services. Our specialty is running and that’s where we focus our time in order to deliver the best run coaching experience we can design. Once your running foundation is stable and you’re ready to take your running game to the next level, then we can pair you with our preferred partners to incorporate strength programming, nutritional coaching, sports medicine, and mental toughness coaching.

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Training Principles


Commitment to Systematic Training Framework

  • Focus on base aerobic fitness

  • Strengths first, weaknesses later

  • Every day has a purpose

  • Just f&*$ing run (do the work!)

  • Listen to your body

  • Recovery is king


mind-body connection

Mental training is as important as physical training. In fact, the two are inextricably linked. We take our athletes on a journey of self-discovery that explores the depths of your mental and physical preparedness to achieve your greatest athletic ambitions.


commitment to hone your craft

It takes time to hone your craft. We ask you to commit to at least a six months of coaching and programming to work through the basics of our mental and physical training framework.


Stated command performance

We are dragon slayers! We like goals that are so scary they keep us up at night. They make us afraid in a way that we never forget we are living a life of purpose and intent.


the process demystified

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Step 1 - Subscribe.


Step 2 - Review our program terms and complete your athlete questionnaire.


Step 3 - Schedule your initial consultation.


Step 4 - Get matched with a coach.

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Step 5 - Meet your coach and get to work!

*The initial consultation is time for you to get to know your coach, discuss your running background and goals, and participate in the design of your training program including consultation on key lifestyle elements that are vital to your athletic performance. You will be billed after after your first subscription payment.

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meet our coaches

Amy Baker


Running is the vehicle on our journey to becoming our best self. Speed doesn’t matter as long as you are moving forward. I’ve been a runner for 20 years. I ran cross country and track in high school and at the University of Michigan. In 2015, I ran my marathon PR in 2:50 an my half PR in 1:19. Since then I’ve been focused mostly on trail running. I have 5 years coaching experience with cross country and track athletes and an additional 4 years of experience coaching at Rogue. I love working with athletes of all abilities training for any distance. I believe that coaching is a little art and a little science so I combine what I have learned through research with my experiences as a coach and athlete. I believe every athlete is different and will do best with a custom program and a coach that listens and adapts. I provide my athletes with unwavering support throughout their journey.

Joe Prusaitis


I'm an old soul who fell into trail running some 25 odd years ago. I've finished 131 trail races (and still counting), directed a few races (road and trail), and now spend my time coaching. I have never been an elite level runner, known more for my bull-headed persistence, deep experience, and knowledge of the sport.

I tend to over-analyze all facets of a race well before lining up and then attempt to run with the joy of a 10 year old on race day. My preference is for longer, more technical, and rugged terrain, but I still enjoy every other type of race just for the variety of it. I’m in my 60s now, and not as fast as I used to be, which was never that fast to begin with, but the joy is still the same, and I know how to get it done.

Sarah Rimel


Sarah started running and racing in Arizona when she was eight years old. In middle school and high school, she competed in cross country, track and field, and summer/club track. In her senior year, Sarah competed in the Junior Olympics, placing 6thoverall in the 400 hurdles. When it came time to accept a college scholarship, she made the last-minute decision to take a break from running while away at college. That break lasted 10 years. 

After finally reuniting with sport at 28, Sarah caught the triathlon bug. In late 2016, she decided to focus solely on marathons and made her mission to qualify for the Marathon Olympic Trials. She ran a 3:03 at Philadelphia that year, a 2:53 in Houston the following year, and then a 2:44 while pregnant at CIM in 2018 snagging her OTQ.

Don’t let Sarah’s big heart and soft smile fool you. She’s tough as nails, loves to win, and will make your success her number one goal. She commits 100% to her athletes and expects the same in return. Since 2013, Sarah has worked with youth track and field athletes, ironman athletes, and first-time marathoners. She’s also a certified NASM Nutrition Coach and coaches endurance athletes on their health and wellness goals. Sarah lives by the words Truth, Effort, Courage.

Jessica head


I started running later in life after having my daughter at age 30. Running has been a great opportunity for me to make new friends, stay in shape, and hopefully inspire my young daughter to chase her dreams. I'm active both on the roads and the trail and have completed over 20 marathons/ ultramarathons. I believe in programs that suit the individual athlete's lifestyle and goals and am excited to continue to help others achieve their goals!

Chris McClung


I've been running & competing for 16 years and I've met some of my best friends on the roads. I run to test my limits, to see what I can accomplish if I push beyond where I think I can go.

Take the first step and then commit to listening to your coach. They will not give you something you can't handle.

katie graff


Having the opportunity to be part of someone’s journey while they pursue their passions, seek self growth, explore their limitations, and tackle their fears, fills me with joy and gratitude. After eleven years of being a mental health therapist, I have had ample opportunities to empathize with others, learn various mental techniques, identify strengths, and give feedback. As a coach, I have been able to use many of these skills to better understand athletes and build solid relationships. I look forward to getting to know you and coming up with an individualized plan to help you reach your goals and chase your dreams.

Approximately 21 years ago, I fell in love with running. I participated in indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country in high school. I continued running in college and found myself enjoying some of the longer distances on trail. As an adult athlete, I found myself drawn to ultramarathons and within the first year and a half of this sport, I competed in my first 200-miler race in the Cascade Mountains and won it. Over the last four years, I have completed 29 ultramarathons, including the Triple Crown of 200s. I also have recently revisited marathon training and finished Eugene marathon in 3:03 back in April.

Brent Stein


A former road cyclist and mountain biker, Brent ran his first marathon at Austin in 2003. It was special, not because of the time he finished in (4:00:32), but because of the experience that he had running his hometown race and finishing his first marathon. Since then he has gone on to complete 10 more marathons, to include 2 Boston finishes and a 2:48 PR at CIM in December 2018. Brent has also been a marathon coach at Rogue Running for the last 8 years. Along the way he has helped many athletes achieve their goals … from first time marathoners crossing the finish line with a smile on their face to front of the pack runners qualifying for their first Boston. Additionally, he has supported more local athletes by serving as a member of the pacing team for the Austin Marathon for the last two years.

Brent is married with 3 boys, Cooper (8), Zachary (13) and Evan (15). His wife, Carrie owns her own advertising agency. Together they do their best to balance careers, kid’s activities, exercise & school while also trying to enjoy as much time playing outside with the boys … camping, hiking, basketball, cycling, trampoline, etc!

Jason Brooks

JB bio.jpg

Effort over everything! Talent alone won’t bring success. You have to work hard. And you have to be smart. Running and racing isn’t just physical. It’s mental, it’s logistical, and it’s spiritual.

I’m an ultrarunner and I love coaching untrarunners. My coaching philosophy balances health span and longevity with performance. That means my programming is a blend of running, strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle change.