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Our mission at Rogue Running is to change people’s lives through the sport of running. Rogue Virtual is our opportunity to take that mission to a global audience. Through Rogue Virtual, we integrate our local and global running communities through a single digital platform and expand our service offerings to provide both 1:1 and group coaching in a virtual context.

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Podcast Training


  • Group Training Plan

  • Weekly training podcast that includes an overview of each training week + weekly workouts, training insights and tips for the week, and answers to questions from the group as they come up.

  • Moderated discussion forum where athletes can ask questions and engage in dialogue with coaches and teammates.

  • Tips on race strategy and tactics


Rogue Advanced 1:1


  • Custom Training Plan including run and strength programming

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Weekly workout analysis

  • Weekly Coach/Athlete 1:1

  • Weekly Plan Adjustments

  • Unlimited Email and Text Communication

  • 24-hour responsiveness

  • Race Strategy

  • Race Recovery Plan

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