Episode #1: Breaking Two and Arthur Lydiard

In this first episode, Rogue coaches Steve Sisson and Chris McClung talk about Breaking2, Nike's sub-two-hour marathon project, and the foundational training principles of Arthur Lydiard. Lydiard is the father of modern, elite-level distance coaching, but his methods don't always make sense on the surface. Listen to this episode to understand more and learn how to apply Lydiard's principles to your own running. 


In this second episode, we start with a discussion on doping in the sport including the latest from the McLaren report on Russia. We answer the question: how can you be a track and field fan and avoid being jaded by the latest news? Then, we interview Allison Macsas, founder of Rogue Expeditions and an elite-level athlete. Allison shares her journey to become the 22nd fastest marathoner in the country, all while maintaining a full-time job. Her story brings tips and perspectives for runners of all levels. 

Episode #3: Happy New Year with Paul Terranova

In this third episode, we ring in the new year by talking about the US field for the Boston Marathon, chatting with Masters Trail Runner of the Year Paul Terranova, and providing tips on how to start a running program in 2017. Happy 2017 y'all!

Episode #4: Octogenarians and "Overpronation"

In this episode, we share the story of 85 year old inspiration Ed Whitlock and then tell you why everything you thought you knew about pronation is probably wrong. Dr. Kim Davis from RunLab joins us with her medical perspective as we talk about shoes and the pervasive myths that exist about footwear fitting.

Click here to find Chris's blog on the "Myth of Overpronation." 

Dr. Davis's blog on pronation can be found here.

Episode #5: Marathon Race Planning

In this episode, Steve and Chris open with a tribute to two greats Ashton Eaton and Nick Symmonds, but they spend the bulk of the episode talking about how you should prepare for your next marathon across 5 key categories - Logistics, Pace Strategy, Nutrition/Hydration, Gear, and Mental Prep. Listen in so that you are more ready than ever for your next one!

Episode #6: Mental Training (+ Chris eating crow)

In this episode, Chris admits he might have been wrong about Jordan Hasay, plus he and Steve handicap the full Boston fields. Then with the main topic, they talk about why mental training is important and lay out a framework for a podcast series on mental training with more episodes to come. 

Episode #7: Miles Matter

In this follow-up to episode 1, we begin a series on the physical tenets of training that will run in parallel to our series on mental training (pun intended). For this episode, we talk about why your running mileage matters and how to safely build it. You also get bonus content where we riff on Bekele's world record attempt in Dubai, Kate Grace's sponsorship switch, and a few other big stories in our sport.

Episode #8: Austin Marathon & Half Marathon Race Strategy

In this episode, Steve and Chris start by breaking down the Austin Marathon elite fields. We tell you who the favorites are and make our picks for both the men's and women's races. Then (beginning at the 15 minute mark), James and Chris give their strategic breakdown of the Austin course and talk about how you should plan your pace strategy and mental game for this race. If you are racing Austin (full or half), this is a must-listen.

Episode #9: A Chat with Scotty Mac

In this episode, we catch up with former Rogue coach and Rogue Athletic Club member Scott MacPherson. Scott, affectionately known as Scotty Mac, is an elite marathoner who has endured many trials and triumphs during his career. He recently had a breakthrough race with a 2:14 personal best at CIM, but any marathoner can relate to his struggles. Listen in to hear about his journey from Texas High School State Champ to pro runner just trying to compete with the best of the best.

As the opener, Steve, Chris and Scotty also talk about Nitro Athletics, a new track meet format headlined by Usain Bolt, attempting to create more excitement in our sport. Here is a clip of one of the events with a unique format the "Elimination Mile:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn8hZJ_Jqaw.

Episode #10: Usain Bolt + Running by Feel

With episode #10, Chris and Steve continue their series on training principles. In episode #1, they laid out Rogue's five core training principles. In episode #7, they talked about the first training principle in detail - Miles Matter. In this episode, they cover the 2nd and 3rd principles, discussing the importance of effort-based training and how every day has a purpose. As Steve eloquently states: "If you don't follow the purpose of the day, then you might as well stay home in bed."

As bonus content up-front, they discuss the upcoming retirement of Usain Bolt and where he fits in the list of all-time great track athletes. As a part of this discussion, Chris shares his personal story of watching Bolt break the world record at the Olympics in Beijing.