WE ARE Local

We are the oldest, locally-owned running store in Austin, TX and have been serving the community here since 2004. On any given day, you might see one or more of our owners working the floor. We have a passion for running and have dedicated our lives to providing the best possible service and expertise to those who live and run here.


Unlike most running stores, we started as a training business, helping athletes like you run your first or best races. So, our retail expertise comes from a coach's perspective and will incorporate your running goals to get you the shoes and products you need to be the best runner you can be. Sometimes, however, it's not about the shoes or gear... it's about showing you the strength exercises or foam-rolling techniques or other activities to make your body strong and ready for the training you are doing.

Our expertise is unmatched

We like to say that we have the greatest feedback loop of any running store out there because we train 1,000 athletes at any given time who also shop with us. We see those athletes 2-3 times per week, and if we put them in the wrong shoe or sell them a product that does not work, then we hear about it right away.  Our retail and footwear expertise has been refined through the years in partnership with these athletes, resulting in a shoe fit philosophy that is unlike any other store out there. 

We will treat you like family

When you shop or train with us, you become a member of the Rogue family. That means many things but two primarily:

1. We want a long term relationship with you. We aren't going to sell you an insole or ultra expensive shoe you don't need. We are here to help you become a better runner over the long term, providing what you need when you need it and nothing more. 

2. We will take care of you no matter what. If something isn't right about the shoes or other products you buy here, come back to us at any time and we will make it right.