Team Rogue trail

Whether you’re looking to improve fitness, train for a specific adventure, or be part of an amazing run community, our year-round training program can help you achieve that!

The Rogue Trail Project blends principles and tactics of advanced road marathon training with the principles and tactics of ultra marathon training.

We love performance results but we balance our training with a concern for health span and longevity. We support athletes in finding the best lifestyle to support their happiness as well as athletic pursuits.

Rogue Trail Project athletes conquer new heights by focusing on lifestyle, strength training, mobility drills, run training, and detailed awareness of how to navigate the logistics of ultra running events. Whether you’re chasing a specific race performance, an FKT attempt, or an adventure we haven’t dreamt up yet, we can help you on your journey.

We use roads and the track to stay sharp and improve running skill and economy. We go to the trails to find solace, develop our technical trail skills, and experiment with gear, nutrition, and hydration strategies. Oh, and don’t forget, most of all, we go to the trail to have lots of fun!

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YEar-round Trail TRAINING

Coach:  Mallory Brooks —

Assistant Coaches: Jason Brooks, Jonathan Garner, and Devon Kiernan


QUALITY/SPEED WORKOUTS (8-10 miles) = 5:30 AM Tuesday and Thursday at Rogue Running (410 Pressler St)

LONG TRAIL RUN = 6:00 AM Saturday, meeting at various trailhead locations in/near Austin

Price + Registration:

$60 (1 day/week)/month Sign up now (1 day/wk) >>

$85 (2 days/week)/month Sign up now (2 days/wk) >>

$105 (3 days/week)/month Sign up now (3 days/wk) >>

*Monthly recurring payment begins the day of registration. Once you register you will be billed immediately. Your on-going billing will occur the same day you registered each month moving forward. You can cancel at any time.

Highlighted 2019 Program - sky island 50k/25k

Join an adventurous group of Austin area trail and road runners for an unforgettable adventure in one of Texas’s most iconic landscapes, the Davis Mountains. On Saturday, September 21st, over 50 Rogues will toe the line at the Historic Indian Lodge to race in Spectrum Trail Racing’s Sky Island 50k or 25k. If you’re already registered, you’re lucky! And this program is right for you. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still hope. Registration reopens August 1st to offer a limited number of race spots based on the number of cancellations that occur prior to August 1st. If you’re ready to take the gamble, then join us now so you’re prepared if and when you get in!

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Questions? Crazy big goals that you want to share with us? We want to hear it all.

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