New, Rookie, Novice, Beginner... all words you might use to describe yourself prior to starting our program! Whether you are walking or running, our goal is to help you IMPROVE! 

Check out our podcast, Episode #114: Get Started, Running for Beginners with Rogue Coaches, Chris McClung & Marilyn Faulkner. They discuss what is running and how getting started may look different for each of us but we all want improvement as we move through space getting stronger and faster.

Our coaches are experienced & their passion is helping you to improve and succeed in reaching your goals. Our groups are supportive and encouraging teams that hold you accountable and motivate you each week. While training with Rogue, you will push your limits, form meaningful friendships, and believe there is magic in running!! 

We cover form, nutrition, hills, stretching, injury prevention, and more. No running experience is required, just a desire to improve! 

Training programs meet 2 times per week with their group for a coached quality workout during the week and a supported long run on Saturday mornings.

All Rogues Receive :

  • Training schedule with multiple tiers of training to choose from to meet your individual needs.

  • DT: Free core class (Mon 6 PM) and yoga class (Sun @ 9:30 AM)

  • CP: Free core class (Mon @ 6 PM) and yoga class (Sun @ 9 AM)

  • Access to recovery tools

  • Weekly communication from your coach

upcoming: 6 WEEKS 2 TROT

This group will roll into our existing Couch-to-5K group but you will have specific workouts and long runs geared to prepare you for a Turkey Trot! 5K or 5 Miles - we got you covered!! You will learn from experienced coaches and have the support of a caring & positive group of runners. Come join us!!  

Start date: Tuesday 10/15 or Wednesday 10/16
Cost: $60/monthly * - you can run with us for the 2 months or continue with us into the New Year!


On-going couch-to-5k training

Next start dates: November 5th or 6th and December 3rd or 4th

Coach: Marilyn Faulkner
Location: Downtown Rogue
Days: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM
Cost: $60/month*
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Coach: Teresa Krammer
Location: Cedar Park Rogue
Days: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM
Cost: $60/month*
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Coach: Chris Macleod
Location: Downtown Rogue
Days:  Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM
Cost: $60/month*
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*Monthly recurring payment begins the day of registration.   Once you register you will be billed immediately. Your on-going billing will occur the same day you registered each month moving forward until you cancel the order.


Don’t take our word for it. Watch a few testimonials from runners just like you!