FAST CAMP: July 28-30, 2017

Looking to find your breakthrough as a runner? Welcome to FAST CAMP. The theory and practice behind becoming your fastest self.

Brought to you by Rogue Running and RunLab, this full weekend of learning, training, and merry-making will help you break through previous running barriers on your journey to becoming your own best self. Geared toward intermediate and advanced runners looking to PR, snag their BQT, or just improve their top-end numbers, this weekend is not to be missed.

We will tackle both the physical and mental challenges associated with improving performance, how to get the most out of your speedwork, the relationship between strength and performance, and why running technique and gait-training drills matter. Come with a rested brain and a rested body and prepare to leave with a roadmap to success, tired legs and maybe, just maybe, a few new friends.

Rogue coaches Steve Sisson and Chris McClung and Dr. Kim Davis from RunLab will be your expert hosts. Camp will begin at the 410 Speed Shop on July 28th (address: 410 Pressler St in Austin, TX). See you in July!


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Aerobic development

  • Learn the fundamental training principles utilized by elite athletes and coaches and how to apply those to your running.
  • De-mystify the language of training to understand terms like aerobic vs. anaerobic work, lactic threshold, and VO2max.
  • Understand the importance of recovery and how to better incorporate recovery into your own training and routines.
  • Experience a long run and workout with the coaches and group to see fundamental training principles in action.

Mental Fortitude

  • Discuss the importance of running with a purpose and then spend time finding your distinct purpose.
  • Translate your purpose into tangible goals that balance dreaming and reality to push you to new heights.
  • Learn about and apply a series of mental training tools to give you the practical steps to overcome your perceived limits.
  • Share with the group to sharpen your own purpose and goals, while tapping into the power of the experiences of others.


  • Explore running-specific anatomy and the normal movement patterns associated with running gait.
  • Discuss the role of body structure in running economy and how individual variance affects your gait, plus how to work WITH your body instead of against it.
  • Assess your individual running-specific strengths through baseline testing and a thorough structural assessment.
  • Discuss and implement running-specific strength drills that both guard against injury as well as improve running economy and speed.

Price: $400 for the weekend

Only 30 spots available

What's included:

  • 3 days of content and practical application with coaches Steve Sisson, Chris McClung and Dr. Kim Davis. FAST Camp will start on Friday, July 28 at 1 pm and end on Sunday, July 30 at 12:00 pm with a full day of content on Saturday as well.
  • Individual strength and structural assessment.
  • 4 meals: Dinner and drinks on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.
  • Supported Saturday long run up to 20 miles (choose your distance between 5 and 20 miles).
  • Group track workout on Sunday morning
  • Lodging and transportation not included. 

Weekend agenda coming soon!