With the BEST damn half marathons right here in Austin, these two classic races  are the perfect duo to experience for new and experienced runners alike! And with the BEST damn training group in town we know how to prepare you for everything from hydration & nutrition, course & race preparation, to the mental & physical training needed to have your BEST race! 

One is a fast point-to-point, nationally recognized, amazing goody bag, best 1st timer or PR race - 3M Half Marathon

The other is the greatest way to experience old & new Austin running on iconic streets through downtown with crowds gallore - Austin Half Marathon

  • Start Date: September 2017
  • End Date: February 2018
  • Meets: Twice per week: one weekday quality (speed) workout with your coach and a Saturday long run.

All Rogues Receive: Day-by-day running schedule for the entire class, dedicated, experienced coach, on-site recovery tools, core class (strength class), weekly small-group speed workout and Saturday morning long runs on a fully supported course.


Austin Contact carolyn@roguerunning.com                    
Cedar Park Contact jen@roguerunning.com


Downtown Austin

Coach: Ashley Rollins
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM

Coach: Mark Enstone
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 5:30 AM & Sat - 7 AM

Coach: Marilyn Faulkner
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 9:30 AM & Sat - 7 AM

Coach: James Dodds/Cameron Gage
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM


north Austin

Coach: Peri Kowal
Location: Anderson High School - Tuesdays
Meets: Tues - 5:30 AM & Sat - 7 AM                     Saturdays at Rogue Downtown


Coach: Jennifer Howard-Brown
Location: Anderson High School - Tuesdays
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM            Saturdays at Rogue Downtown


Coach: Carolyn Mangold
Location: Anderson High School - Wednesdays
Meets: Wed - 6:15 PM & Sat - 7 AM      Saturdays at Rogue Downtown


South Austin 

Coach: Larry Bright
Location: Dick Nichols Park - Wednesdays
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - Sat - 7 AM             Saturdays at Rogue Downtown



Coach: Angel Mulhern
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues - 5:30 AM & Sat - 7 AM


Coach: Bill Schroeder
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM


Coach: Tori Howard
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM