The original Rogue Training program that has prepared thousands of runners for 12 years! 

Austin Marathon - Premier  training for our hometown race! With race preps on the course, the most bad-ass race plan/talk, and our  experienced pacers & coaches, YOU are going to be the most prepared runner on the course!!! 

Houston Marathon - We know  having one of the fastest, largest, world-class marathons a few hours away is something damn special! We will get you PR ready for this race with the best training & race planning. 

  • Start Date: September 2017
  • End Date: February 2018
  • Meets: Twice per week: one weekday quality (speed) workout with your coach and a Saturday long run.

All Rogues Receive: Day-by-day running schedule for the entire class, dedicated, experienced coach, on-site recovery tools, core class (strength class), weekly small-group speed workout and Saturday morning long runs on a fully supported course.


Austin Contact                    
Cedar Park Contact



Downtown austin

Coach: Ashley Rollins
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM


Coach: Brent Stein
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM


Coach: Mark Enstone
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 5:30 AM. & Sat - 6 AM


Coach: Marilyn Faulkner
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 9:30 AM & Sat - 6 AM


Coach: Bobby Garcia
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM


north Austin 

Coach: Peri Kowal
Location: Anderson High School - Tuesdays
Meets: Tues - 5:30 AM & Sat - 6 AM     Saturdays at Rogue Downtown


Coach: Jennifer Howard-Brown
Location: Anderson High School - Tuesdays
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM            Saturdays at Rogue Downtown


Coach: Carolyn Mangold
Location: Anderson High School - Wednesdays
Meets: Wed - 6:15 PM & Sat - 6 AM      Saturdays at Rogue Downtown


South Austin 

Coach: Larry Bright
Location: Dick Nichols Park - Wednesdays
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM           Saturdays at Rogue Downtown



Coach: Angel Mulhern
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues - 5:30 AM & Sat - 5:30 AM


Coach: Bill Schroeder
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 5:30 AM


Coach: Tori Howard
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat 5:30 AM