Why run a local marathon when you can combine traveling to a beautiful location with running a great race?! Winter is the perfect time to train in Texas and Spring is the perfect time to race a marathon up north! 

Big races: Plan your destination race with Boston, Big Sur, EugeneBMO Vancouver, Canada! Or stay local with Big D Marathon

  • Start Date: Dec 2019

  • End Date: There is no end date so you can continue training after the race or you can cancel your membership.

  • Cost: $75 - $105 per month*

  • Meets: Twice per week: one or two weekday quality (speed) workouts with your coach and a Saturday long run.

All Rogues Receive: Day-by-day running schedule for the entire class, dedicated, experienced coach, on-site recovery tools, core class (strength class), weekly small-group speed workout and Saturday morning long runs on a fully supported course.

*Monthly recurring payment begins the day of registration.   Wait to register until the start date above. Once you register you will be billed immediately. Your on-going billing will occur the same day you registered each month moving forward. You can cancel at any time. 


Austin Contact carolyn@roguerunning.com                    
Cedar Park Contact jen@roguerunning.com


team rogue

About: Performance based training. Run more miles and surround yourself with dedicated runners who strive to perfect their craft. "If you have to ask, you'll never know." 
Coaches: Chris McClung - Austin Downtown AM & Amy Baker - Austin Downtown PM & Jen Harney - Cedar Park AM
Location: Downtown & Cedar Park
Meeting times: 3 days/week - Tues/Thur/Sat
Cost: $92 - $105/month*

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Downtown austin

Coach: Brent Stein
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

Coach: Ashley Rollins
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meeting times: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 7 AM
Cost: $75/month*  

Coach: Chris McClung
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 5:30 AM & Sat - 7 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

Coach: James Dodds
Location: Rogue Downtown
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

north Austin 

Coach: Jennifer Howard-Brown
Location: Anderson High School - Tuesdays
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM  
             Saturdays at Rogue Downtown)
Cost:  $75/month*

Coach: Carolyn Mangold
Location: Anderson High School - Wednesdays
Meets: Wed - 6:15 PM & Sat - 6 AM  
             Saturdays at Rogue Downtown
Cost:  $75/month*

South Austin 

Coach: Larry Bright
Location: Dick Nichols Park - Wednesdays
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat - 6 AM  
            Saturdays at Rogue Downtown
Cost:  $75/month*


Coach: Mark Heerensperger
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues - 5:30 AM & Sat - 5:30 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

Coach: Vanessa Mitchell
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues - 6 PM & Sat - 5:30 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

Coach: Christian Mohr
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Wed - 6 PM & Sat 5:30 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

Coach: Bill Schroeder
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Thur - 6 PM & Sat 5:30 AM
Cost:  $75/month*

Coaches: Vanessa & Bill
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Meets: Tues & Thur at 6 PM & Sat at 5:30 AM
Cost: $92/month*