For over 10 years, Team Rogue has helped athletes achieve the amazing. Whether you are trying to get your Boston Qualifier or training for the Olympic Trials, you'll find a fun-loving but deadly focused group of runners who elevate each other in training and racing all year round.

Team Rogue groups meet three times per week and are expected to commit to a challenging, periodized training schedule under the direction of experienced coaches. Runners do not necessarily have to be "fast," but they must be focused, consistent and goal-oriented.

We offer three separate Team Rogue programs:

Team rogue DAWN PATROL

Meets: Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:30 AM and Saturday at 6 AM, Rogue Running Downtown

Rogue Founder Steve Sisson (aka the Original Rogue) brings his experience as a professional runner, collegiate coach at the University of Texas and coach to professional runners to you. His philosophy is unconventional but his methods have over 25 years of proven results, directed towards the performance-driven athlete looking to train year-round. 
Price: $105/month

If interested, please email Steve Sisson at

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Team rogue PM

Meets: Tuesday/Thursday @ 6pm, Saturday @ 6am, Rogue Running Downtown

Whether you're racing the Boston Marathon or seeking a BQ, we use a no-nonsense approach to get you to your goal. There are no short-cuts, just hard, honest work.

Team Rogue PM is designed for the performance-driven athlete looking for year-round training. Expect to commit to weekly mileage between 60-90 mpw, with quality days of 10-12 miles.
Price: $105/month

If interested, please email Steve Sisson at

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Team rogue Cedar park

Meets: Tuesday/Thursday @ 5 AM, Saturday @ 5:30 AM, Rogue Running Cedar Park

Team Rogue Cedar Park is a more rigorous training program for the goal-oriented runner committed to higher mileage. Quality days consist of 10-12 miles with weekly mileage between 50-80 mpw. This program meets Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5 AM for quality workouts and Saturdays at 5:30 AM for long runs.
Price: $92/month

If interested, please email Jen Harney at

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