Join the tribe with Coach Christian! This is a supportive, motivating, and caring group of runners all working towards improvement. For some the improvement is running their first half marathon or even marathon, while for others it's improving their speed and endurance. Coach Christian puts a personal touch on coaching and aims to help each runner reach their goals!

This program is all about running as a lifestyle: it's ongoing, with no beginning and no end, providing a structured plan and supportive community for both those training for races and for those who aren't.  

*Monthly recurring payment begins the day of registration. Once you register you will be billed immediately. Your on-going billing will occur the same day you registered each month moving forward. You can cancel at any time. 



the tribe

Coach: Christian Mohr
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Level: We recommend that runners be comfortable with at least a three mile run to join this group
Meets: Twice per week: Wednesdays at 6 PM and Saturdays at 5:30 or 7 AM
Price: $75/month*
Includes: 7-day per week running schedule (includes everything you need to race at your best), access to our core strength class, on-site recovery tools, small-group weekday speed workout led by your coach and Saturday morning long runs on a fully-supported course.

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