Rogue was born in 2004 in Austin, Texas when founders Carolyn Mangold, Ruth England, and Steve Sisson had the vision to develop training programs for runners that went beyond the watered-down "show and go" models that were common at the time. The vision was to take the advanced training methods of the best professional athletes and apply the same principles to the everyday runner. In 2009 the group was joined by Chris McClung who help create two retail locations in the Austin area and expand to more runners.

They believed that, while the paces might be different, every runner could adopt these principles to reach their maximum potential. Each season we refine the training protocols and long runs, but the training philosophy remains essentially the same since 2004. 

Along the way, we developed an extraordinary community of runners as well as a badass trail race seriesretail store, and running travel business. From the introductory Couch to 5K program to advanced Team Rogue training groups to the Rogue Expeditions trips to Morocco or Kenya, our purpose is to help you set goals and use the power of running in a community to reach them, supported by committed training or travel partners and experienced and encouraging coaches or guides. 



Coaching is our first love. From beginners prepping for their first 5K to advanced marathoners and trail ultra-marathoners training to go the distance, we train over 3,000 athletes per year with programs for nearly every person and race distance.  

We have two dedicated training centers in downtown Austin and Cedar Park as well as training satellites in north Austin and Circle C. The downtown training center and retail store is located at 410 Pressler St just west of downtown Austin. The Cedar Park training center is located at  930 S. Bell Blvd, Suite 104, very close to the Brushy Creek Trail. 


Our retail store (now at 410 Pressler St) was born in 2008 as a service to our athletes who weren't getting what they needed elsewhere. Like any running store, we carry everything you need to be happier on your run from shoes to apparel to socks to gels to foam rollers. As coaches first, however, our retail expertise is unique, and we are as likely to engage in a conversation about your training on the retail floor as we are to talk about the shoes you might need.


The Rogue Trail Series is a series of three trail races in the spring, each at separate parks with a unique atmosphere and terrain. Each race in the series offers a 10K and a 30K distance, allowing everyone a taste of trail racing and making it perfect for newbies and veterans alike. Voted as Austin's Best Off-Road event by Austin Fit Magazine, this series is great for trail racing and even better for the party at the end. Do one or enjoy them all!


Rogue Expeditions is our adventure travel company that creates run-centric vacations around the world. Our itineraries are designed to combine unique, authentic travel experiences with organized, supported daily runs in unforgettable places, and to accommodate all levels. We currently offer trips to Morocco (Gorges & Sahara and Mountains & Coast), Kenya, Patagonia, Europe, Lake Tahoe and Bend, with several new destinations in development.