Welcome to Rogue Cedar Park's Member only page! Below you will find announcements/events, weekly workout information, long run information, training schedules, and runner tools. If you have questions please contact: Jen@roguerunning.com


March 28th: The Moontower Run - Rogue Downtown starting at 7 PM - Take to the streets on Thursday March 28th and see your city in a whole new light! This FREE community run will take you on a tour of Austin's iconic moonlight towers, and the 3, 5, 7, or 10 mile route will have you back in plenty of time to wrap up the night with a cold beverage.




Course: Marshes
Marshes Round 2 - We revisit the Marshes workout this week.
WU/CD: ~ 1-2 miles
Spring Marathon: 3-4 x 1 mile Marshes Fartlek/2 min rest
Spring Half Marathon/Cap10K/Speed Development: 2-3 x 1 mile Marshes Fartlek/2 min rest

Course: Buttercup Creek 1M
Race pace practice.
WU/CD: ~ 1.5 miles
Spring Marathon: 4-5 x mile at MGP/1 min rest
Spring Half Marathon: 2-3 x mile at MGP/1 min rest
Cap10K/Speed Dev.: 3 x mile at 5K/3 min rest

Couch-t0-5K group

MARCH 25: Week 4
Tempo Run – What is a tempo run? We will run 2-3 miles at our lactate threshold pace. This is how fast we can run all out for 1 hour. For some runners this is 10K pace and for others it’s 5K or 10 mile race pace. Use the Rogue pace chart to help you figure out your LT pace. A tempo run teaches your body how to run fast for a long period of time which is critical for teaching you how to stay mentally tough in a race – when you are running out of your comfort zone. It should be difficult to carry on a conversation but if you had to you should be able to say a few sentences.

Workout Details:

T1 & T2: 2 x 800m tempo/2 min rest
T3: 3 x 800m tempo/2 min rest
T4: 2 Mile tempo at LT pace – use Rogue pace chart
T4 (10K): 3 Mile tempo at LT pace – use Rogue pace chart

Tier 1: 3 Miles; Tier: 4 Miles; Tier 3: 5 Miles; Tier 4: 6 Miles; Tier 4 (10K): 8 Miles


Course: Hills of Forest Oak - Click Here for map link
Start Times: 5:30 AM (up to 24 miles); 7 AM (up to 12 miles)
Spring Marathon: 16-22 Miles
Spring Half Marathon: 6-16 Miles
Cap10K: 5-12 Miles
Speed Development: 10-14 Miles

Training Schedules

Daily Training Schedule:

  • M: Stands for Miles

  • EZ: Stands for Easy effort or conversational pace.

  • Mileage Ranges: We give ranges on mileage because we know some runners will be starting at lower or higher mileage than others. Please talk with your coach about your running background, history, and current weekly mileage so you can avoid doing too much too soon.

  • XT: Stands for cross training. If you are not going to run, we advise doing some other type of training. Instead of taking the day “off” from activity, you can cycle, swim, do the stair climber, elliptical, etc.

Marathon/Half Marathon Schedules:

  • MLR: Stands for Medium Long Run and is essential to improving your aerobic development as an endurance runner.

  • Recovery: These runs can be as easy or slow as you need and are vital for improvement. Recovery runs or recovery XT improves blood flow and will ensure you feel ready for the next workout or long run.

  • Quality: Workouts with Rogue that you run with your group/coach. This includes: strides, fartleks, speedwork, pace work, intervals, hills, tempos, etc.

Long Run Schedule: Full & Half Marathon Runners

We have accommodated many race dates along with varying abilities (beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners). You should be comfortable with the following mileage for each group:

  • Beginner – 5 miles of running

  • Intermediate – 6 miles of running and a more aggressive build up with long run workouts

  • Advanced – 8 miles of running and a more aggressive build up with long run workouts

  • C: Stands for Close – This is a workout you do during the last 4 or so miles of your long run. You’ll want to start close to your MGP (Marathon Goal Pace) and work your way down to hMGP (half Marathon Goal Pace).

  • *: This asterisk denotes a long run workout. Details will be given the week of the long run. These long runs are meant to better prepare you for racing and will help you practice the mental and physical demands of your race.

  • NN: Stands for No Nutrition – This is a long run where we ask that you avoid eating carbs the morning of your long run and during your long run. We expect you to continue drinking water. We will cover the purpose and execution of this in more detail as it approaches.

Click on the file linked below to access your program schedules.  The PDF files have multiple pages so be sure to scroll down to see all of the information. 

Training Tools 

Podcast: Running Rogue is our weekly podcast with training tips and commentary on current events in the running world. You can find all episodes on iTunes or on our special podcast page: runningrogue.libsyn.com
Events: We host a variety of events for our runners. Some are educational, but all are social. We post events on our website, in our weekly email that you’ll receive on Mondays, and on Facebook.
Travel: Rogue Expeditions is a unique adventure travel company that creates run-centric vacations around the world. Our itineraries are designed to combine authentic, off-the-beaten-track travel experiences with organized, supported daily runs in unforgettable places, and to accommodate all levels. Put more simply, we are adventure travel for runners!
Retail Partner: Rogue Running works with Jack Rabbit Sports to offer running apparel, shoes, nutrition, and accessories. They have a loyalty program for Rogues and offer exclusive deals on merchandise for our groups.
Social Media:

  • Facebook: We have two pages, our main page for our Austin runners Rogue Running Facebook and one for our Cedar Park location Rogue - Cedar Park Facebook . Additionally, most coaches have private group Facebook pages for you to join. We will use our group page throughout the season to post motivational tips, quotes, pictures, and communicate with each other. These are all great resources for staying in the up-to-date on current events and things happening at Rogue! If you are not on Facebook, please let your coach know.

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