“If people were possessed by reason, running marathons would not work.
But we are not creatures of reason.
We are creatures of passion.”
— Noel Carroll


Events & Announcements

CORE CLASS IS FREE & OPEN TO ALL: Core classes are now all free for everyone, so invite your friends!   Downtown classes are Mondays at 6 pm, and Thursdays at noon.  Cedar Park classes are Mondays at 6 pm and Yoga on Sundays at 9 am.

FALL HALF & FULL MARATHON KICK OFF: Join us on Saturday, May 5th as we kick-off our training programs for those targeting fall marathons and half marathons, from Chicago to CIM and everything in between. We will start the festivities at 7 AM with a quick intro to Rogue Running followed by your first group run of the program (3-7 miles). The event is FREE and open to anyone interested in learning more about Rogue and getting a feel for our training programs.

Tip of the WEEK


Mantras are a powerful thing when it comes to racing, no matter what the distance. These short, 4-8word "chants" keep us focused, engaged and can be our security blanket through tough patches of the race. 

  1. What they are? Mantras are short (~4-8 words usually) chants to repeat in your mind (or under your breath) at any point in the race. The rhythmic chant help keep your breathing and stride in check. 
  2. When to use it? Anytime really. Pre-race or early race to calm the nerves. Mid race when you find yourself getting distracted through the boring miles. But mostly mantras are there when it gets tough. Often more a distraction or anything, mantras are something to play through your head during the final miles when every ounce of concentration is going into running. 
  3. What should the words be? They should encompass your intention or motivation. "I will B. Q.", "Sub 2", "Embrace the pain", "The work is done"

Importantly,  the words should be 100% positive and create a sense of completion. "I will finish strong" vs "I want to finish strong" 

Have fun with the mantras, explore some different options and find one that motivates you. Once you settle on one, they can sometimes last seasons if not years; carrying you through tough workouts and many races. 

Weekly Workout Details WEEK OF APRIL 16th

QUALITY WORKOUT:  10k Ladder workout
DOWNTOWN ROUTE: Austin High track
WORKOUT FORMAT:  Warm-up to start of workout, light drills. 
Both Marathoners & Half-Marathoners: 2 - 3 x 800 10k / 400 ez / 600 10k / 400 ez / 400 10k / 200 ez / 200 10k / 200 ez 

DOWNTOWN ROUTE:  Griswold 1K Loop
WORKOUT FORMAT:  Warm-up to start of workout, light drills.                                                                                        Workout: 2 x 800 10k / 400 ez / 600 10k / 400 ez / 400 10k / 200 ez / 200 10k / 200 ez



Downtown:  For your second hill workout of the program, we introduce you to the Marshes.  The Marshes is a classic Rogue workout, run by runners in all our groups.  It combines downhills and uphills with intervals of fast running and easy paces. 

Everyone: ~ 1.5 mile warm up

  • Couch-to-5K: zig-zag 3 streets up and back + ~ 1.5 mile cool down
  • 5K: zig-zag 5 streets up and back + 1.5 mile cool down
  • 10K: zig-zag up to the top, Monroe, then back down Bouldin + 1.5 or 2 mile cool down

Cedar Park: For your second hill workout of the program, we will tackle a longer warm up to the Shiloh hill off of Park St.  

  • Couch-to-5K: 4-6 x hard up hill/ez walk/jog down
  • 5K: 6 x hard up hill/jog down
  • 10K: 8 x hard up hill/jog down

Long run Maps

For Saturday, April 21st

Downtown:  the Jimmy Dean 

Map FROM ROGUE: Click here

Trip Ticket: 

CEDAR PARK: april 21st

AROUND & BACK AGAIN: 5:30 AM Start Time - up to 20 miles; 7 AM Start Time - up to 12 miles

Map: Click Here

Trip Ticket: