“Every marathon I ran, I knew I had a faster one in me.”
— Dick Beardsley


Events & Announcements

CONGRATULATIONS to all who raced the Austin Marathon & Half Marathon. What a great day out on the roads of Austin. CONGRATULATIONS especially to Rogue's own Allison Macsas who won the marathon for the second time! Go Rogue!

Tip of the WEEK

After a BIG Race

The week after a big race can be full of emotion and some physical discomfort as well…to say the least! You will notice the days following a big hard effort leaves you sore and walking funny, especially downstairs. In addition, if it was your goal race you might feel depressed. You spent so much time training, sacrificing, and preparing for this big race and now it’s over! When you spend that much energy focused on any big life event it is normal to feel sad, depressed, and even lethargic now that it’s over. So, how do we move on? How do bounce back?

Below we have shared some tips on what to do the week following a big race:

  1. Celebrate your accomplishment! Wear your medal, or hang it some place where you can see it each morning. Use it as motivation. Enjoy a celebration meal with your training partners, friends, and/or family!
  2. Schedule a massage a few days (24-48 hours) after your race. This will help decrease the soreness and you deserve it!
  3. Now is the time to cross train…swimming, easy cycling, yoga, Pilates, etc. are all good ways of being active but not over doing it by jumping into running a lot. You can run easy too but make sure it is EASY! The movement will help increase blood flow. Blood flow means fresh nutrient rich blood to repair our broken muscle fibers.
  4. Write or type your race report. This can be a therapeutic and helpful training tool later. Write everything…what went right, what went wrong, what you enjoyed, what you would change…everything. You don’t have to share it with anyone, but I am sure your coach would love to read it. I love reading back over my race reports months later.
  5. To beat the post-race blues, I suggest signing up for another race. Sound absurd? Well, having another goal race will keep you motivated during this “down” time. I also recommend try training for another distance…switch it up! If you trained for a long distance race, try a shorter race to work on your speed. If you trained for a short race, challenge yourself with a longer race to improve your endurance.

Weekly Workout Details WEEK OF FEB 19th

QUALITY WORKOUT:  Easy Run +Strides
DOWNTOWN ROUTE: Austin High Track
WORKOUT FORMAT:  Warm-up to Austin High's track, light drills & 6-8 x stride, cool-down back to Rogue.

DOWNTOWN ROUTE: Austin High Track
WORKOUT FORMAT:  Warm-up to Austin High's track; light drills & strides, 3200m (2M) Time Trial; cool-down back to Rogue.


We are revisiting hills. This time, instead of focusing on running downhill and uphill…we are mainly focused on running hard uphill, easy jog downhill for recovery. Take a minute or so break after 2 reps to get water.

Everyone: ~ 1.5 mile warm up

  • Couch-to-5K: 6-8 x uphills hard/jog easy down – take a break after 2 reps for water + ~ 1.5 mile cool down
  • 5K: 8-10 x uphills hard/jog easy down – take a break after 2 reps for water + ~ 1.5 mile cool down
  • 10K: 10-12 x uphills hard/jog easy down – take a break after 2 reps for water + ~ 2 mile cool down

Long run Maps

For Saturday, February 24th

Downtown:  Shady Lane

Map: Click here

Trip Ticket: 

CEDAR PARK: february 24th -- DOWN WEEK!

BCT - 5:30 AM Start Time - up to 16 Miles & 7 AM Start Time - up to 10 Miles

Map: Click Here

Trip Ticket: