“We must slow down to a human tempo & we’ll begin to have time to listen.”
— Thomas Merton


Events & Announcements

The FUNd Run: Austin Kick-Off Saturday September 1st at 7 AM
Everything has a season. Welcome to ours. Saturday, September 1st is a huge day on our calendar because it's the kick off of the Austin Marathonand Half Marathon training season, and we're starting this season off right by recognizing and supporting local Austin running-related causes. This free event, open to everyone, will have a run followed by a post run party, complete with festivities and snacks! As a part of the event, we encourage you to bring a donation to support one or more of these great causes: Marathon KidsThe Trail FoundationBack the Track, and Austin Gives Miles (associated with the Austin Marathon). Representatives from each organization will be on-site to tell you more about the work they are doing in our community. You can start at 5:30 am for 10+ miles or join us for run #1 of your training season at 7 am. Austin Marathoners will start with 5-8 miles, while Half Marathoners will have 3-5 miles.

CORE CLASS IS FREE & OPEN TO ALL: Core classes are now all free for everyone, so invite your friends!   Downtown classes are Mondays at 6 pm, and Thursdays at noon.  Cedar Park classes are Mondays at 6 pm and Yoga on Sundays at 9 am.

Weekly Workout Details WEEK OF AUGUST 13 

QUALITY WORKOUT:  Easy Run + Strides
WORKOUT FORMAT: Easy run! What else is there to know?!?! Strides can be run on Pressler or, if things are too busy there, you can sprinkle the strides in on your run...Just be sure you recover enough between strides to not turn the run into a hard effort. 


Workout Details: Fartlek on a ~ ¼ mile loop with warm up and cool down of 1 mile. The route should have 4 sides close to equal distance for this workout. A fartlek is a Swedish word for speed play. Yes, play…we are going to make running fun! J You can essentially do a fartlek anywhere. The first time I heard this word I saw it on a t-shirt. It had the FARTLEK on the front and on the back it read, “It’s a running thing. You wouldn’t understand.” Well, now you will! It basically just means we are going to change our speed over a course of a run. We will use the streets/blocks as our guide to change speeds.

  • What is hard? You should be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and should not be able to hold a conversation. 
  • What is easy? Use this time to allow your breathing & heart rate to come back down and relax. You will be able to talk early in the workout but as the workout progresses it will become more challenging to do so. This is because it will take your heart rate longer to come back down to an easy effort. This is normal and okay. Just focus on slowing down and even coming to a walk if you need to. 


  • Everyone warm up 1 mile
  • Drills & Water
    • T1: 3-4 sets (run hard 1/4, walk hard 1/4, run hard 1/4, walk hard 1/4)/short break after 2 sets
    • T2: 5 sets (run hard 1/4, jog ez 1/4, run hard 1/4, jog ez 1/4) short break after 2 sets
    • T3: 6 sets (run hard 1/4, jog ez 1/4, run hard 1/4, jog ez 1/4) short break after 2 sets
    • T4:  6 sets (run hard for :30 sec/run easy for :30 sec)/short break after 3 sets
    • T5: 8 sets (run hard for 1 min/run easy for 1 min)/short break after 4 sets
  • Everyone cool down 1 mile
  • Post cool down – complete foot drills and roll out

Workout Emphasis - Basic Running Gear

RUNNING APPAREL Having the proper technical attire for exercising is not only more comfortable and stylish but can also help prevent issues like chafing. If you’ve tried exercising in cotton, it’s uncomfortable, heavy and wet. Cotton can cause blisters and skin irritation because it constantly rubs on the skin. Fabric that is light weight and designed to pull away moisture and sweat from the body is called “dry-fit”. This material dries quickly which helps the clothing move with the body instead of sticking to it.

RUNNING SHOES A standard pair of running shoes lasts up to 300-400 miles before needing to be replaced. Do the math: count the average amount of miles you run each week, and then do the addition from there to determine when you may need a new pair. There has been a big influx of lighter, more flexible shoes in the industry, and sometimes these models can last ½ as long as a traditional running shoe. Not sure which type of shoe you have? Ask us! We recommend you get properly fitted for your running shoes. We utilize decades of biomechanical study and material research to find the best shoe for you!

ACCESSORIES There is a ton of accessories for runners to buy from watches, socks, anti-chafing rub, rolling out tools, lights, handheld water bottles, etc.  But the two essentials we will go over below are watches and socks.

There are many types of watches but there are two basic types. A sports watch with a chronograph and a sports watch with gps. Timex makes several great non-gps sports watches that you can use to time your runs, set up timing intervals, use splits (for timing laps on a track), and some of their watches can save your runs. Soleus makes watches that are more fashionable but essential do all the same things that a Timex can do. GPS watches can track your pace and some even track your heart rate. Garmin is the number one brand for GPS running watches but there are many other brands on the market as well.  Many have options from a simple gps to a more complicated high tech gps watch. Do your research and find the watch that 1. Is best for you 2. You’ll know how to use. We highly recommend reading the manuals for any watch.

You’ll want to avoid cotton socks as they lead to blisters. Socks made from synthetic material that keep your feet dry when running are best. There are several brand options like Balega, Feetures, Swiftwick, etc. All running specialty stores will sell a wide variety of great socks!

Saturday Details: T1 = 2 Miles, T2 = 3 Miles, T3 = 4 Miles, T4 = 5 Miles, T5 = 7 Miles

Long run Maps

For Saturday, August 18th

Downtown:   JUSTINES

Map up to 16 miles: Click here

Trip Ticket: 

CEDAR PARK: August 18th

Caddyshack - Mapmyrun link
Start Times: 5:30 & 7 AM

Trip Ticket: