“The long run puts the tiger in the cat.”
— Bill Squires


Events & Announcements


Take to the streets on Thursday, August 3rd to celebrate Rogue's 13th birthday!

 3, 5, 7, and 10 mile routes in Central and East Austin will take you on a trip down Rogue memory lane with water stops provided by Nuun Hydration and Austin Massage Company.  Event sponsors also include Clif and New Balance.  First 100 registrants receive a free pint glass sponsored by RunLab.  Doors open at 7:15pm, and the run starts at 8pm. Be back by 10 to enjoy the afterparty!

Tip of the WEEK

Every third week we ask you to take a "drop down" week. That means Rogue will have adjusted your training schedule so your long run will be shorter & your weekly quality session will either be shorter or easier. These are built into the schedule to ensure that you get adequately recovered from the prior two weeks' hard training. Since we are making workouts harder & we are asking you to run further nearly every Saturday, you need a week to allow your body to recover, to encourage consolidation of fitness gains & to be sure you are mentally & physically regenerated. n this simple way, we challenge the system, then let it recover to take on more training. If you just keep powering through your training, increasing volume & intensity every week, you will most assuredly get injured. We don't want you to get injured. We're just getting started!

Weekly Workout Details

Week of juLY 24

QUALITY WORKOUT: Easy Run w/ 4 pick-ups
WORKOUT FORMAT: Dynamic Warm-up/Drills; Easy Run w/ pick-ups
WORKOUT DESCRIPTION - Again, since this is a drop down week, we are just going for another easy run this week. We want to add four 30 second gradual accelerations in the run. These are a slow building stride that culminates in a fast but relaxed final 10 seconds. Try to get in four of these pick-ups & be sure to take a minimum of five minutes of easy running between each acceleration. 

Killer B's
See Fall Workout above. You have the same session. 
Warmup 1.5 to Zilker Lou Neuff
2x5 minutes @10K (rest 3 minutes)
2x3 minutes @5K (rest 2 minutes)
6x1 minute @5K (jog 1 minute)
2x5 minutes @10K (rest 3 minutes

4 mile warmup
30 minutes at MGP +15 sec per mile
30 minutes Easy
30 minutes at MGP
2-4 mile cooldown



Fartlek + Trigger Point

A fartlek is a Swedish word for speed play. Yes, play…we are going to make running fun! J You can essentially do a fartlek anywhere. The first time I heard this word I saw it on a t-shirt. It had the FARTLEK on the front and on the back it read, “It’s a running thing. You wouldn’t understand.” Well, now you will! It basically just means we are going to change our speed over a course of a run. We will use the streets/blocks as our guide to change speeds.

We will complete the following:

Everyone: ~ 1 Mile warm up

  • Couch-to-5K:  2 x 2 loops (water break in between the 2 sets of 2 loops) + ~ 1 Mile cool down
  • 5K:  3 x 2 loops (water break in between the 2 sets of loops) + ~ 1 Mile cool down
  • 10K: 4 x 2 loops (water break in between the 2 sets of loops) + ~ 2 Mile cool down


8 Tips to Keep you Healthy and Running without Issues by Dr. Tuggle
(Read the full version of this article by
clicking here)

 I work in a clinic that focuses on sports injuries and therefore have the ability to see lots of athlete’s day in and out. I work diligently to help improve outcomes in patients by continuing to learn about musculoskeletal issues. All of my continuing education is concentrated on musculoskeletal issues. I also study competitors, their habits, their strengths, their weaknesses; basically, what makes them tick. I enjoy working with athletes and I always want to help them do what they love to do.

One of the most common questions I get from athletes is, “How do I stay healthy and prevent injuries?” The answer is not completely straightforward with every situation, but I can tell you some common things that athletes do, don’t do, and need to do. Here is my basic list:

  1.  Foam Rolling & Stretching
  2. Cross Training & Core Workouts
  3. Taking Rest Days
  4. Good Nutrition
  5. Follow a Training Plan or Working with a Coach
  6. Routine Massage
  7. Sports Chiropractor or Physical Therapist that is an Active Release Technique and/or  Graston Technique Provider
  8. A General Practitioner Who Understands Athletes.

Last bits of food for thought: evaluate which of these you need to add to your already healthy lifestyle. Then keep doing what you love. In the event of a problem, determine how bad it is. If it is so painful that you cannot perform your normal activity, seek medical attention quickly. If it is a minor nagging type pain, wait 10-14 days to see if it resolves. If it resolves, return to normal activity. If it does not resolve, seek medical advice/care. The main goal is to listen to your body and continue to keep it in top form.

Happy Running!

Long run Maps

For Saturday, July 29TH

Downtown:  JUSTINe'S

Map: Click Here

Trip Ticket: 

CEDAR PARK: Hard rock - july 29th

Click Here for map 

Trip Ticket: