All the cool kids are using this term (it even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary), but we thought we'd give y'all a little context. Prior to the 2016 US Olympic Trials for the marathon, Rogue Expeditions co-founder and longtime Rogue employee, Allison Macsas received this letter from a 10th grade student who participates in Students Run LA. SRLA is an amazing after-school program based in Los Angeles that prepares at-risk student to tackle the supreme challenge of the marathon (now, THAT'S some NLS). When Allison shared the letter with us we thought it was so cool that we wanted to co-opt some of the humor and truly uplifting sentiment embodied in this student's attitude.  Sometimes we we get bogged down, sidetracked, distracted or just plain want to quit. Next time you consider taking the easy path, remember this kid and his recognition of the work Allison committed to and completed on her quest be the best runner she could on one given (scorching) Saturday in February. We run for the right reasons, but we also want "to get a medal at the end of it."