The first version of this podcast training group was a smashing success, so Running Rogue co-hosts Steve Sisson and Chris McClung will be leading another training program starting on May 7th, 2018 for those interested in training virtually with them for 5K up to the marathon. The program will be based on the principles discussed in the podcast and incorporate both the physical and mental training elements needed to help you run a personal best.

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  1. Training options. We will have 2 "tracks" for the podcast program in this second iteration. Track #1 will prepare you for any goal half marathon or marathon in the September 16th to November 10th time frame. Track #2 will start with a speed development phase, focusing on 5K/10K speed, and then shift to prepare you for a December/January marathon or half marathon. Specifically, we will be bringing a large group to the California International Marathon in Sacramento on December 2nd if you would like to be a part of our destination event.
  2. Training macrocycle. We will have 3 levels of each track for first-timers and then intermediate and advanced runners, which will provide the day-to-day training schedule for you to follow on this training journey including easy runs, workouts, and long runs.
  3. Weekly training podcast. This podcast will be for members of this training program only. It will be in addition to our weekly Running Rogue podcast and include an overview of each training week + weekly workouts, training insights and tips for the week, and answers to questions from the group as they come.
    You can listen to a sample episode by clicking here. 
  4. Tips on race strategy and tactics. As you finalize preparations for your goal race, we will help you hone in on a goal and pacing strategy to give you your best chance to achieve it.
  5. Private Facebook group. Members of the program will receive access to a private Facebook group where they can interact with Steve and Chris, ask questions, meet fellow members of the group, and share success stories or challenges along the journey.


"This group has been awesome through the whole training cycle and made this a lot more than I thought it would ever be. I really enjoyed the time training with the group and look forward to continuing in the next cycle. Chris and Steve, that was one hell of a training cycle. I have never had workouts like that in any of my workouts and this plan made a huge difference. I can't thank you all enough. A 15 minute pr would not have been possible without all of this."

Note: To take full advantage of the group, we suggest that you already be running at least 20-25 miles per week.


  • Starts: May 7th, 2018 (accepting new members through May 31st)
  • Price: $40/month until you cancel

For more information, send us an email at