Don't sit in traffic, run during the Rush Hour with a dedicated group of runners looking to have fun, work hard, and kick ass! We are a goal driven group with everyone from a new Couch-to-5K graduate to a Boston Marathon Qualifier and every runner in between. 

This program is all about running as a lifestyle: it's ongoing, with no beginning and no end, providing a structured plan and supportive community for both those training for races and for those who aren't.  

*Monthly recurring payment begins the day of registration. Once you register you will be billed immediately. Your on-going billing will occur the same day you registered each month moving forward. You can cancel at any time. 



Rush hour

Coach: Vanessa Mitchell
Location: Rogue Cedar Park
Level: We recommend that runners be comfortable with at least a 3 mile run to join this group
Meets: Twice per week: Tuesdays 6 PM & Saturdays at 5:30 or 7 AM
Price: $75/month*
Includes: 7-day per week running schedule (includes everything you need to race at your best), access to our core strength class, on-site recovery tools, small-group weekday speed workout led by your coach and Saturday morning long runs on a fully-supported course.

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