While we carry anything and everything you need for running from socks to apparel to foam rollers, shoe fitting is what we do best. We can sell you a metric ton of products to make your running more enjoyable (more funner!), but we are doing you a disservice if we don't address the fundamental thing that will help you become a happier runner - your feet. So, we make it our mission to put you in the right shoe to make your feet happier, and if we don’t get it right, then we will make it right. 

It is our belief that a running shoe should facilitate how your body moves and works, not control or change it. The shoe should fit in such a way that it almost disappears on the foot or becomes an extension of it.  But that is not the entire solution...

Our 10 commandments of shoe fit:

Feel: The softness, support, and cushioning of the shoe.

  • We want to put you in the LEAST amount of shoe that YOU are comfortable in to promote your most NATURAL gait and footstrike.
  • The RIGHT shoe is the one that FEELS most NATURAL to you. The RIGHT shoe DISAPPEARS when you put it on; all others are for someone else.
  • Go with your FIRST REACTION or GUT instinct when trying on shoes. Your feet don’t lie.
  • Replace your shoes BEFORE you need to replace your knees, every 300-400 miles. Use the “pancake test” if you don’t track your mileage.

Fit: How the shoe fits around your foot.

  • The fit should be COMFORTABLY SNUG, but not tight, with no swimming, binding or pinching, and plenty of room for the toes to splay easily.
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but VARIETY is the spice in footwear. Vary your shoes from day to day and work-out to work-out to better develop the stabilizing muscles in the feet, ankles and hips.

Function: The biomechanical purpose of the shoe.

  • TREADMILLS provide an INACCURATE read of biomechanics and have NO PLACE on the shoe floor. Treadmills are for running during lightning storms and hurricanes or when traveling to Detroit.
  • The BIOMECHANICAL NEEDS of the runner are determined more by the MOVEMENT and STABILITY of the ARCH, not the height of it.
  • The shoe’s FLEXIBILITY should MATCH your foot’s flexibility. Flexible foot = flexible shoe (and vice versa).
  • The FUNCTION of the shoe is IRRELEVANT IF the shoe DOES NOT FIT correctly or feel good.

Stop by to be fitted today by one of our Fit Specialists. No appointments needed. This is what we do, all day, everyday… and we love it!

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